Guardians of Creation, Ryuranger!

To Catch Up - Act 1 [Part 1]

The Tomb of Keening Spirits and Dealing with Deled's Mistakes

The First Step is Always the Hardest

The Brotherhood Proper is introduced to Cathod Setod and Useless Sparrow, and is sent on it’s first mission – killing Barrow Black.

Setod informs the party that they are being sent on this to clean up after the mess that Deled himself created.

In order to actually get an audience with the bandit lord, the party has to get some sort of trinket to present, and pretend to be bandits wanting to join the Eyes of the Hills

The one they decide to go after: Whatever lies inside the “Tomb of Keening Spirits”.

The Tomb of Keening Spirits

Upon arriving in Nexus and arranging lodging, the party made their way to the Tomb. After a little difficulty, they made their way stealthily into the inner workings of the tomb a giant hole in the wall, and proceeded to walk inside.

After going through the rooms, each one presenting it’s own challenges (the Room of Fire being the one that almost killed them), they finally got to the grave that was locked away inside.

There they met the ghost of the long dead Milon, Crafter of Blades. Upon defeating him (Captain Vaulen exorcised him away), the group gained the [Daiklave of Keening Spirits] – just the sort of thing Barrow Black would go nuts for!

Dealing with Deled’s Mistakes:

Upon arriving at his hideout, and gaining an audience with the man in question, the party proceeds to thrash all of his men and kill their target. Tepet Sensui noted:

Way too easy. Something just feels wrong about how quickly we finished that…

The party returns to the Pinnacle of the Eye of the Hunt afterward and are rewarded with a vacation back to the Blessed Isle.



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