Guardians of Creation, Ryuranger!

To Catch Up - Act 1 [Part 2]

The Vacation Job - Part 1

The Vacation Job

In honor of their swift and skillful defeat of Barrow Black and his bandit gang the Eyes of the Hills, Cathod Setod sends the Brotherhood on a vacation to the Blessed Isle.

Once on the boat heading out, they meet a contact who tells them the truth…

There is a village in Dragonswrath Plains that has failed to meet their tithe this year. Now, sometimes people come up a little short – and we understand that just fine – but I was there when they planted their harvest. I even stopped by several times during this year, and saw it growing twice as strong as it normally does. But when it came time to collect, they had so little that they asked the Realm for assistance. Something is going on, I’m sure of it. I want you to find out where the tithe went, and stop this from being a problem anymore.

Upon arriving in town, they find out that no one remembers any incidents occurring. The party ends up hearing about a pair of carnivals that are making the rounds, the Dawn’s Hope and the Night’s Terrors. The Dawn’s Hope is just outside of town, so the group goes to check it out.



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