Guardians of Creation, Ryuranger!

To Catch Up - Act 1 [Part 3]

The Dawn's Hope [The Vacation Job - Part 2]

The Dawn’s Hope

The Party arrives in the circus grounds, and quickly meet a few of it’s traveling troupe, including Mirror Flag. She tells Captain Vaulen and Cathak Vaxra that she believes Night’s Terrors is up to something, and that they’ve been trying to figure out what and fix it. Cathak Vaxra asks Mirror Flag if she could possibly be an Anathema, to which she denies.

Meanwhile, Tepet Sensui meets Mangus G. Cunningham and trains with him – this earns him the [[:Moustache of Greatness]] which brands him as a Strongman.

The Party decides to head off and investigate Night’s Terrors, but on the way run into Wind Blown Vines. Sent by their contact to help them get to the bottom of the affair, he joins them.



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