Guardians of Creation, Ryuranger!

To Catch Up - Act 1 [Part 4]

Night's Terrors [Vacation Job - Part 3]

Night’s Terrors

The grounds are dark and brooding, and the party quickly finds out about Night’s Terrors reputation as a “haunted house / scare factory.” Tepet Sensui / “Shattered Stone”, Ledaal Genji, and Wind Blown Vines go and talk to the squeezebox player named “Alexandros”, who tells them that he simply is trying to play an interesting tune for the children.

That night, the group decides to split up: Captain Vaulen and Cathak Vaxra go investigate more of the grounds (To the Animal Tamer’s and Ringleader’s Tent, respectively) ; while Wind Blown Vines, Tepet Sensui, and Ledaal Genji sneak into the tent of the performers and do some investigating. Picking up “Alexandros’s” Content Not Found: accordion-of-tradgedy turns out to be a mistake, and they quickly drop it, as it compels whoever holds it to play without rest.

Cathak Vaxra goes into Zachariah’s tent, and finds out that something has indeed been going on – they have somehow been using magic to get people to sleepwalk and help them dig a tunnel below Paisap’s Stair which would allow them to reach the palace of one of the Kings of Stygia .

Captain Vaulen ends up seeing a Black Ape flash some sort of sign language toward him. After a little experimenting, he figures out what the ape is saying…

Hey, you should be on the lookout. These assholes have brought some bad apes with them. Ones covered in all red. Kinda violent.

Now, let me out of here!

Upon releasing him, Captain Vaulen names him “Hans”, and goes out into the woods after the sound of painful moans. When he gets to the source, he comes face to face with Jeffries.



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