Guardians of Creation, Ryuranger!

To Catch Up - Prologue

Ledaal Genji, Captain Vaulen Karal, Cathak Vaxra, Tepet Sensui, and Ragara Mikana meet at Port Calin, one of the ports located on the Eastern side of the Blessed Isle.

Unfortunately, their meeting is a sour one – Ledaal Morik has been kidnapped, and a ransom of all the artifacts House Ledaal owns is demanded for Morik’s safe return.

The party decides to investigate, and upon finding out about some Great House politics that were going on at a wedding reception (where Morik was last seen, a chase through a hotel and pretty much an entire three city blocks, they find that three different NPCs who they interacted with were actually the same person: an Anathema.

The Anathema is dragged onto a boat headed for where she retorts, “The poor bastard will be killed if the ransom isn’t delivered, or if I’m not there.” The location: Lookshy.

Captain Vaulen Karal contacts his old squad and asks them to help find the location.

Meanwhile, the others interrogate her and receive more clues, which lead to the rescue of Ledaal Morik, she is killed by some unseen force and turns to ash.

As they have succeeded, they soon after depart for Pinnacle of the Eye of the Hunt.



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