The "Actual Anathema"

A being impowered with power stolen from the Sol Invictus.


Originally met during the Prologue, where she kidnapped Ledaal Morik and took on three separate roles in an attempt to get away with the deed, she didn’t enter the story again until the end of Act 1.

Looking like a Chayan, she seems to work for a…

[…] sixth dragon who rules above all of the others in shadow, and is older than you can imagine…

She’s responsible for Peleps Deled going insane and starting to worship the Ebon Dragon, and has since used her form-altering Charms to take on his visage and continue to command the remains of his Wyld Hunt in his stead.

When not wearing someone else’s face, she can be identified by the two holy burns on her cheek. Each bear runes from the blade of a Daiklave that was glowing with holy energy when they were placed upon her cheek. One was there when she met the brotherhood now known as Ryuranger, and the other was left by Captain Vaulen Karal while he interrogated her during the Prologue.

Most recently, she is responsible for the death of Sol Invictus, and is scheduled to marry (while masquerading as Deled) the now returned Scarlett Empress in 4 months [from the end of Act 2].

The "Actual Anathema"

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