Belt of Daana'd


Grants the user the use of the Claws of Daana’d and the following charms:

First Prong – Water Isn’t Meant to be Held…
>Cost: 1p
>Reflexive Charm
>Lasts for 1 Scene
=Water doesn’t like to obey the restrictions of the world. Much like Water, you don’t have to like following those rules either. If used in response to a Join Battle action, you may roll Join Battle additional times equal to the total number of Prongs you’ve unlocked. After following through with acting on each of those ticks, remove the markers from the wheel until only one representing your character remains.

Second Prong – Water Doesn’t Obey…
>Cost: 2p
>Reflexive Charm
=Water makes others obey it. If an enemy’s DV would render an attack of yours ineffective, re-roll you accuracy again, but IGNORE their DV.

Third Prong – Water Cannot Condone…
>Cost: 3p
>Simple Charm (But not really that simple. Read on…)
>Speed 5, DV -0
=Water will not allow any to stand in the way of Creation’s progress forward. This Charm may only target foes who, in some definable way, stand as direct opposition to what you and your brotherhood aim to do to help Creation. You leap in the air, touching the clouds, and gather water from the area. You then use the water to propel yourself 880 MPH toward your target, rapidly slamming your feet into them as the water does the same. Roll a kick attack, including your Essence and rating in Conviction as non-magical bonuses. Your enemy then ROLLS their DV, and may only apply any successes rolled against your attack. You then deal your rating in Conviction and Essence as unsoakable levels in Aggrivated damage.

Fourth Prong – ???


One of the five belts of Gaia’s Gift. Originally belonged to Daana’d.

Belt of Daana'd

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