Belt of Paisap


Belt of Paisap

You gain access to Content Not Found: sender-to-gaia-s-heart, One Permanent Dot in Essence, 10m permanently committed from your Personal Pool, and the following charms:

First Prong – The Gift of The Pain
>Cost: 1p
>Reflexive Charm
=The greatest gift you can give is to lay down one’s life for a friend. When someone else is hit by an attack, and the damage is deemed severe enough, you can activate this charm to take the damage instead of it’s original target. Hardness and soak may not be applied, and you take the exact type and levels of damage the original target would receive.

Second Prong – Returning the Gift of Pain
>Cost: 2p
>Reflexive Charm
=The best way to teach a child who won’t respond to the scoldings of their parents is to give them a taste if their own medicine. Like the Prong Charm “The Gift of The Pain”, this Charm may only be used when a target is going to be receiving damage by an attacking foe. Instead of the damage actually affecting the original target, it affects the attacker instead. Like the previous charm, ignore hardness and soak, and the exact type and levels of damage the original target would receive to the original attacker.

Third Prong – Faith That can Move Mountains
>Cost: 3p
>Simple Charm (Speed 5, DV +1)
>Duration: 1 Scene
=Honestly, sometimes you need to slap someone. With a mountain. Slam your hammer behind you, and force a slab of rock to pop up behind an intended target (up to Essence x5). Slam into the target with an attack with Sender to Gaia’s Heart, throwing in your Willpower rating as a Charm-based bonus. If successful, send the target flying up to (raw damage die pool amount) x5 yards, and deal one level of unsoakable bashing damage for every yard of travel prevented due to striking the stone slab. Afterward, deal regular weapon damage from Content Not Found: sender-to-gaia-s-heart, suffering the same Onslaught penalty as the slam on the wall.

Fourth Prong – ???


One of the five belts in Gaia’s Gift. Originally belonged to Paisap.

Belt of Paisap

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