Belt of Sextes Jylid


Belt of Sextes Jylid

The wielder gains access to Content Not Found: raptor-s-claw-eagle-s-beak, One Permanent Dot in Essence, 10m permanently committed from your Personal Pool, and the following charms:

First Prong – Creation Moves Instead of You
>Cost: 1p
>Simple Charm (Speed 5, DV +1)
>Duration: 1 Scene
=Grass and plant life surround your legs, giving you new limbs of bark and leaf. Like a tumbleweed rolls on it’s own course, you can move at your full, unhindered Move/Dash speed, and ignore penalties for difficult terrain. The new limbs each have -0 health levels equal to your rating in Stamina, but cannot cross through any terrain that plants cannot normally survive in.

Second Prong – Sowing Seeds of Truth
>Cost: 2p
>Simple Charm (Speed 5, DV -0)
>Must load Raptor Claw and Eagle’s Beak with a single Seed
=Perform a Thrown or Archery attack with Raptor Claw and Desert Eagle. The shot will not deal the opponent regular damage. Instead, roll a d6 if the attack succeeds:
=>On a 1 or 2: The target takes a -1 to all of their actions (as an internal penalty) for a scene.
=>On a 3 or 4: The target takes 2A Dmg.
=>On a 5 or 6: The target takes 4A and is stunned for 4 additional ticks.

Third Prong – Wrath of Claw, Wrath of Beak
>Cost: 3p
>Simple Charm (Speed 5, DV -0)
=You hold up both guns and make a basic Thrown or Archery attack. If that attack is successful, one of the bullets fired become a raptor’s head and tears through any armor they are wearing, effectively destroying it. Then, the other bullet becomes a Desert Eagle who attacks the enemy for 5L damage, piercing. Minimum damage is (Essence).

Fourth Prong – ???


One of the five belts of Gaia’s Gift. Originally belonged to Sextes Jylid.

Belt of Sextes Jylid

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