Falconeer's Gloves

weapon (ranged)

Whenever the user, while attuned to the gloves, flicks either wrist, a blade made of essence is thrown out toward the target. Multiple blades can be sent out, but only a number of blades equal to the user’s maximum Essence. Once that many blades are sent out, you can only throw more out if you pick them back up, spend 2m per to have it disappear, or wait a (Distance รท Permanent Essence) number of ticks for it to fly back to you.

You can have all of them fly back to you at once, but regardless of the number of blades returning to you, they follow all of the rules for a blade being returned through the use of the Solar Charm “Call the Blade”.

These also offer 2L/1B Soak (no hardness).

If used by someone other than the wielder of Belt of Mela, they only offer 2L/1B Soak (no hardness).


Given to Mela by her trainer and confidant, this regular looking pair of heavy leather gloves are actually the victimised remains of Drulloth-er, God of Cutting Winds. As a part of the great sins that the demented Anathema plagued Creation with, Drulloth-er was killed and made into some form of Soulleather.

“Attached” to the Belt of Mela, the gloves may only be wielded to their fullest extent by the user. Otherwise, these only offer 2L/1B Soak (no hardness).

Falconeer's Gloves

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