The Hinging Daiklave

weapon (melee)

Regular stats for a Daiklave, except for the ability below:

If the user applies a -4 penalty on his next attack roll, and the attack is successful, the user may activate the switch on the bottom of the handle to open the blade from the middle and pin (if not cut through) either the target’s weapon or limb. This action deals 6A damage, and destroys anything with a hardness rating less than 6, or weapons that are not Artifact based. Any limbs cut this way are considered crippled, and require the limb to be reattached before healing can begin. The Rate of The Hinging Daiklave if this effect is used is 1.


Made by Mela to show Heshiesh just how flexible a sword can be in the right hands. The blade’s secret lies in the way the user can open the blade from the middle to reveal a set of pincer-like blades.

“Attached” to the Belt of Daana’d, and may only be wielded by it’s user.

The Hinging Daiklave

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