Raptor's Claw & Eagle's Beak

weapon (ranged)

The starting stats for these guns are the stats for a pair of plasma-tongue repeaters. They take simple seeds and organic material for ammunition, though certain artifacts can be used as well.

On a successful attack that hits the target, roll a d10. If you get a 7,8, or 9, the bullet becomes an ethereal eagle and the gun’s damage is considered piercing. On a 10, the bullet becomes a ethereal raptor and the gun deals your Essence in damage to the target, ignoring soak.

The guns are made of Glamour, and as such can be rearranged, for a (Speed 3, DV -0) action, into the form of almost any kind of gun or launcher. Everything bullet it fires, regardless of the form it takes, must come out in some form of plant or seed life.


Originally belonging to Heseish, but held by Sextes Jylis until his death, these two artifact firewands bear the heads of each of the namesake beasts of prey (Raptor and Eagle respectively) engraved on their barrels. According to legend, these guns also hold the souls of one of each of those beasts, and required no ammunition.

The guns don’t actually operate without ammunition, but almost anything that fits inside of the revolving barrels will work as if it had gunpowder behind it. Also, on occasion, the guns will actually have the ammunition transform into the form of either a flying raptor or eagle, dealing more damage.

“Attached” to the Content Not Found: belt-of-heseish, it can only be weilded by it’s user.

Raptor's Claw & Eagle's Beak

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