Sender to Gaia's Heart

weapon (melee)

Has the regular stats for a White Jade Grand Goremaul, with the following effect:

On a downward swing of the hammer, apply a bonus to both the accuracy and the damage based on your Essence, and shift the type of damage up in severity once. This bonus will apply to the last attack in a flurry only, as the downward stroke must be made in one swing.


Given to only those chosen to be the personal champion of Gaia herself, this hammer has the ability to send things down into the ground with exponentially more force than applied. The hammer appears to be made of a smooth White Jade shaft, with a roughly worked head (almost as if formed naturally) forming out of it.

“Attached” to the Belt of Paisap, and only it’s wielder may use it.

Sender to Gaia's Heart

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