Guardians of Creation, Ryuranger!

To Catch Up - Act 1 [Part 4]
Night's Terrors [Vacation Job - Part 3]
Night’s Terrors

The grounds are dark and brooding, and the party quickly finds out about Night’s Terrors reputation as a “haunted house / scare factory.” Tepet Sensui / “Shattered Stone”, Ledaal Genji, and Wind Blown Vines go and talk to the squeezebox player named “Alexandros”, who tells them that he simply is trying to play an interesting tune for the children.

That night, the group decides to split up: Captain Vaulen and Cathak Vaxra go investigate more of the grounds (To the Animal Tamer’s and Ringleader’s Tent, respectively) ; while Wind Blown Vines, Tepet Sensui, and Ledaal Genji sneak into the tent of the performers and do some investigating. Picking up “Alexandros’s” Content Not Found: accordion-of-tradgedy turns out to be a mistake, and they quickly drop it, as it compels whoever holds it to play without rest.

Cathak Vaxra goes into Zachariah’s tent, and finds out that something has indeed been going on – they have somehow been using magic to get people to sleepwalk and help them dig a tunnel below Paisap’s Stair which would allow them to reach the palace of one of the Kings of Stygia .

Captain Vaulen ends up seeing a Black Ape flash some sort of sign language toward him. After a little experimenting, he figures out what the ape is saying…

Hey, you should be on the lookout. These assholes have brought some bad apes with them. Ones covered in all red. Kinda violent.

Now, let me out of here!

Upon releasing him, Captain Vaulen names him “Hans”, and goes out into the woods after the sound of painful moans. When he gets to the source, he comes face to face with Jeffries.

To Catch Up - Act 1 [Part 3]
The Dawn's Hope [The Vacation Job - Part 2]
The Dawn’s Hope

The Party arrives in the circus grounds, and quickly meet a few of it’s traveling troupe, including Mirror Flag. She tells Captain Vaulen and Cathak Vaxra that she believes Night’s Terrors is up to something, and that they’ve been trying to figure out what and fix it. Cathak Vaxra asks Mirror Flag if she could possibly be an Anathema, to which she denies.

Meanwhile, Tepet Sensui meets Mangus G. Cunningham and trains with him – this earns him the [[:Moustache of Greatness]] which brands him as a Strongman.

The Party decides to head off and investigate Night’s Terrors, but on the way run into Wind Blown Vines. Sent by their contact to help them get to the bottom of the affair, he joins them.

To Catch Up - Act 1 [Part 2]
The Vacation Job - Part 1
The Vacation Job

In honor of their swift and skillful defeat of Barrow Black and his bandit gang the Eyes of the Hills, Cathod Setod sends the Brotherhood on a vacation to the Blessed Isle.

Once on the boat heading out, they meet a contact who tells them the truth…

There is a village in Dragonswrath Plains that has failed to meet their tithe this year. Now, sometimes people come up a little short – and we understand that just fine – but I was there when they planted their harvest. I even stopped by several times during this year, and saw it growing twice as strong as it normally does. But when it came time to collect, they had so little that they asked the Realm for assistance. Something is going on, I’m sure of it. I want you to find out where the tithe went, and stop this from being a problem anymore.

Upon arriving in town, they find out that no one remembers any incidents occurring. The party ends up hearing about a pair of carnivals that are making the rounds, the Dawn’s Hope and the Night’s Terrors. The Dawn’s Hope is just outside of town, so the group goes to check it out.

To Catch Up - Act 1 [Part 1]
The Tomb of Keening Spirits and Dealing with Deled's Mistakes
The First Step is Always the Hardest

The Brotherhood Proper is introduced to Cathod Setod and Useless Sparrow, and is sent on it’s first mission – killing Barrow Black.

Setod informs the party that they are being sent on this to clean up after the mess that Deled himself created.

In order to actually get an audience with the bandit lord, the party has to get some sort of trinket to present, and pretend to be bandits wanting to join the Eyes of the Hills

The one they decide to go after: Whatever lies inside the “Tomb of Keening Spirits”.

The Tomb of Keening Spirits

Upon arriving in Nexus and arranging lodging, the party made their way to the Tomb. After a little difficulty, they made their way stealthily into the inner workings of the tomb a giant hole in the wall, and proceeded to walk inside.

After going through the rooms, each one presenting it’s own challenges (the Room of Fire being the one that almost killed them), they finally got to the grave that was locked away inside.

There they met the ghost of the long dead Milon, Crafter of Blades. Upon defeating him (Captain Vaulen exorcised him away), the group gained the [Daiklave of Keening Spirits] – just the sort of thing Barrow Black would go nuts for!

Dealing with Deled’s Mistakes:

Upon arriving at his hideout, and gaining an audience with the man in question, the party proceeds to thrash all of his men and kill their target. Tepet Sensui noted:

Way too easy. Something just feels wrong about how quickly we finished that…

The party returns to the Pinnacle of the Eye of the Hunt afterward and are rewarded with a vacation back to the Blessed Isle.

To Catch Up - Prologue

Ledaal Genji, Captain Vaulen Karal, Cathak Vaxra, Tepet Sensui, and Ragara Mikana meet at Port Calin, one of the ports located on the Eastern side of the Blessed Isle.

Unfortunately, their meeting is a sour one – Ledaal Morik has been kidnapped, and a ransom of all the artifacts House Ledaal owns is demanded for Morik’s safe return.

The party decides to investigate, and upon finding out about some Great House politics that were going on at a wedding reception (where Morik was last seen, a chase through a hotel and pretty much an entire three city blocks, they find that three different NPCs who they interacted with were actually the same person: an Anathema.

The Anathema is dragged onto a boat headed for where she retorts, “The poor bastard will be killed if the ransom isn’t delivered, or if I’m not there.” The location: Lookshy.

Captain Vaulen Karal contacts his old squad and asks them to help find the location.

Meanwhile, the others interrogate her and receive more clues, which lead to the rescue of Ledaal Morik, she is killed by some unseen force and turns to ash.

As they have succeeded, they soon after depart for Pinnacle of the Eye of the Hunt.

(Raw) Arc 1 Session 6
Showdown at the Faire
  • Arrival at the faire ground, fight breaks out between Vaulan and Jeffries (the Weight Lifter). Melee attacks versus Jeffries cause the attacker to be hurled toward a tree. Jeffries killed with combined efforts by Vaulan and (Alex’s character)
  • Vaulan limit breaks, being attacked by an unseen force
  • Vaxra challenges an anathema to single combat. Chooses to dishonorably use his Blue Jade Vipers in what was supposed to be a one-on-one hand to hand fight. Throws the now revealed anathema into a nearby stream
  • Vaulan launches himself into the stream, and evaporates the water, killing the Anathema on contact.
  • Yet another Anathema(Gibbering Err) causes Tepet Sensui to drop to his knees and establishes control over the corpses. Vaxra challenges him to a game, and loses, going unconscious.
  • Sensui recovers, Windblown Vine and Bastian Tsa enter the battlefield
  • Sparrow and Myror carry Vaxra off
  • Gibbering Err bounces about the battleground attacking Sensui
  • Vaulan kills Gibbering Err after Bastian knocks him out of the Air with a Plasma Tongue shot
  • Vaulan explains who he is, regarding why his anima banner has blue flames
  • Vaulan theorizes on the Anathema’s plan
  • The Group locates a box made out of black jade with Silver Lining, determines it to be a communicator of some sort.
  • The group finds the location of their goal, a dig site under the mountain of Pasiap’s Star (A military academy, of which Vaxra is an alumni)
  • Vaulan scouts the tunnels, entering through a cliff face shaped like a bat
  • Vaulan finds a cavern with dozens of people digging mindlessly, and a gigantic, blasphemous black drilling machine, returns and tells the group of this
  • Vaxra devises a plan to disguise himself as a corpse, the others act as if they’d been captured
  • Vaxra attempts to contact the headmaster of Pasiap’s star in order to procure a Warstrider, headmaster is being murdered during contact.
  • The group infiltrates, and hears a squeezebox melody as they go deeper into the cavern, revealed to be played by Alexandros, who nearly sees through the plan before being killed by the two “prisoners”. The squeezebox continues playing. Vaulan attempts to grab it to destroy it, and begins playing it. Sensui attacks and destroys it, freeing Vaulan, and the rest of the people.
  • The Drill turns out to be a Hellstrider, which Vaxra hides in. Finds many documents and other important things.
  • Two other Anathema appear, and explain the situation (Will be posted as a seperate adventure log), basically, attempting to use the hellstrider to dig into the Underworld, so that they can prevent “Infernals” from taking over and destroying creation via the Ebon Dragon.
  • The Two Anathema (Ristus and Zacharias) are killed by the rest of the Wild Hunt, who arrive to clean up. The Group is informed by Cathak Setod to keep this quiet, and enjoy the rest of their vacation.
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