Guardians of Creation, Ryuranger!

(Raw) Arc 1 Session 6
Showdown at the Faire
  • Arrival at the faire ground, fight breaks out between Vaulan and Jeffries (the Weight Lifter). Melee attacks versus Jeffries cause the attacker to be hurled toward a tree. Jeffries killed with combined efforts by Vaulan and (Alex’s character)
  • Vaulan limit breaks, being attacked by an unseen force
  • Vaxra challenges an anathema to single combat. Chooses to dishonorably use his Blue Jade Vipers in what was supposed to be a one-on-one hand to hand fight. Throws the now revealed anathema into a nearby stream
  • Vaulan launches himself into the stream, and evaporates the water, killing the Anathema on contact.
  • Yet another Anathema(Gibbering Err) causes Tepet Sensui to drop to his knees and establishes control over the corpses. Vaxra challenges him to a game, and loses, going unconscious.
  • Sensui recovers, Windblown Vine and Bastian Tsa enter the battlefield
  • Sparrow and Myror carry Vaxra off
  • Gibbering Err bounces about the battleground attacking Sensui
  • Vaulan kills Gibbering Err after Bastian knocks him out of the Air with a Plasma Tongue shot
  • Vaulan explains who he is, regarding why his anima banner has blue flames
  • Vaulan theorizes on the Anathema’s plan
  • The Group locates a box made out of black jade with Silver Lining, determines it to be a communicator of some sort.
  • The group finds the location of their goal, a dig site under the mountain of Pasiap’s Star (A military academy, of which Vaxra is an alumni)
  • Vaulan scouts the tunnels, entering through a cliff face shaped like a bat
  • Vaulan finds a cavern with dozens of people digging mindlessly, and a gigantic, blasphemous black drilling machine, returns and tells the group of this
  • Vaxra devises a plan to disguise himself as a corpse, the others act as if they’d been captured
  • Vaxra attempts to contact the headmaster of Pasiap’s star in order to procure a Warstrider, headmaster is being murdered during contact.
  • The group infiltrates, and hears a squeezebox melody as they go deeper into the cavern, revealed to be played by Alexandros, who nearly sees through the plan before being killed by the two “prisoners”. The squeezebox continues playing. Vaulan attempts to grab it to destroy it, and begins playing it. Sensui attacks and destroys it, freeing Vaulan, and the rest of the people.
  • The Drill turns out to be a Hellstrider, which Vaxra hides in. Finds many documents and other important things.
  • Two other Anathema appear, and explain the situation (Will be posted as a seperate adventure log), basically, attempting to use the hellstrider to dig into the Underworld, so that they can prevent “Infernals” from taking over and destroying creation via the Ebon Dragon.
  • The Two Anathema (Ristus and Zacharias) are killed by the rest of the Wild Hunt, who arrive to clean up. The Group is informed by Cathak Setod to keep this quiet, and enjoy the rest of their vacation.
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