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  • Mayor Carriker Thurfas

    A stubborn, boarding on rude, leader of the simple village of Dathesk. Has known Sparrow from birth, and was pleased as punch to see "Useless" Sparrow join the Wyld Hunt.

  • Wolf’s Horn

    A Moon Mad Anathema who has made Dathesk into his secret Experiment. Has used illusionary Charms and Tricks to make the people of Dathesk believe whatever lies he throws at them. Caused [[:useless-sparrow | Useless Sparrow]] to Exalt as a [[Forsaken | …

  • Hratrak Barbarians

    A group of beastmen that the villagers of Dathesk point to as the cause of any actual suffering on their part. Their camp is a few days travel from Dathesk proper. The children of [[:wolf-s-horn | Wolf’s Horn]], and the results of his breeding …

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