The Pinnacle of the Eye of the Hunt

The main headquarters of the Wyld Hunt. A five-sided tower fortress, with each level being dedicated to a different function.

  • In the Basement is the Brig.
  • The Ground Floor is the lobby, the first place any new Shikari sees upon entering The Pinnacle. The shrine to the Immaculate Dragons is also located here.
  • The Second Floor is the Arsenal, where tools for slaying Anathema and artifacts that used to belong to the Anathema are stored.
  • The Third Floor is where the Dojo (on the porch area, which is protected by an Emerald Circle Sorcery based shield), and library are found.
  • The Fourth and Fifth Floor are Dormitory-style apartments for Shikari and Amercers.
  • The Sixth Floor is where the Lieutenants and Officers of the Wyld Hunt have their offices, such as Cathod Setod.
  • The Seventh Floor is where Peleps Deled’s Apartment and Office are located.

During the end of Act 1, the building seemed to mysteriously expand to house six walls instead of it’s original five. This new wall was covered in statements of a sixth dragon who was above the Immaculate Dragons, and when looking out of any windows on this sixth wall (only these windows for some reason), the party saw a very hellish world just outside. When leaving after Deled’s death, they found the building to, once again, have only 5 sides.

They haven’t been back since.

The Pinnacle of the Eye of the Hunt

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