Tomb of Keening Spirits

One of the Anathema tombs located in Nexus. The outside is a featureless grey building made of some sort of stone, and is surrounded by spectral guards who will utterly destroy anyone who so much as touches them.

Once past that, there are five rooms surrounding the actual grave:

  1. The Room of Earth
  2. The Room of Fire
  3. The Room of Wood
  4. The Room of Water
  5. The Room of Air

Once past the The Room of Air, the visitors are dropped in the grave of Milon, Crafter of Blades. He will attack anyone entering this area, and attempt to kill them so he may construct more Soulsteel artifacts.

The reason anyone would make the trip there would be to attain the Daiklave of Keening Spirits

Tomb of Keening Spirits

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